Celebrity Gamblers – 3 Famous Singers Who Like to Gamble

When Music Meets Gambling 3 Famous Singers Who Like to Gamble

Gambling is for all. Some consider it a passion, others, just for pastime. Check out the celebrity gamblers who also share their love for gambling.

There is a connection underlying between music and gambling. Well, singing and gaming are similar when it comes to providing joy to the people. Both of these industries aim to deliver entertainment, although using different means.

Aside from known composers, actors, and athletes who love gambling and even own or manage a casino, some celebrity singers enjoy playing slots, poker, or live casino. A lot of singers joyfully engage themselves in betting at online casinos, too.

3 Famous Celebrity Gamblers

Let’s name three singers who also rock at gambling and appreciate the fantastic experience of playing at casinos. Aside from their passion for singing, they tried their luck in some famous casinos worldwide.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra #1 Famous Celebrity Gamblers 

Sinatra is a famous American singer and actor who is passionate about gambling. He performs in casinos and loves playing casino games, too! He enjoys placing bets at some of the world’s most popular casinos.

Known for the Oceans 11 movie, he certainly brought his talent to the Las Vegas strip and other casinos. He is one of the few who encouraged the integration of the casino market in Las Vegas and the music industry. His love for casinos influences many of his songs. These even captured the interest of the wealthy class of Vegas.

During the 1960s, Sinatra also bought a casino and resort, the Cal-Neva Lodge & Casino, and Dean Martin and Sam Giancana. The casino then is now known as a popular gambling place.

His love for gambling ended up forming relationships with Elves Presley, who is also a singer.


singers who gamble nelly

 Nelly is the famous rapper and singer, also known for wearing a signature white band-aid on his cheek, loves playing cards and poker.

With his interest and expertise in playing the 5-card table game, he frequently participates in championships like in the World Series of Poker (WSOP), PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, the PokerStars European Poker and other legit casino events.  He also played at Monte Carlo’s major live poker event and in Las Vegas.

He is considered one of the professional and famous celebrity gamblers for being a relatively good and experienced player. He calculates every move, that’s why he is known as an exact poker player.

Macy Gray

singers who gamble macy

Yes, women love to gamble too! This Grammy Award winner, 90s pop sensation, famous for ‘I Try’ song, shares winning $28,000 in the blackjack game. She also loves playing poker.

Gray became passionate about gambling as a hobby and eventually participated in many poker tournaments.


Many artists and singers had greatly influenced the gambling culture.

Sinatra, Gray, and Nelly are just some of the plenty of singers who are also skilled gamblers sharing their passion for gambling and sports betting.