Fairytale fortune

In the Fairytale Fortune casino game, you’ll be able to win big prizes from a duchess who has been kidnapped by a dragon. This game is themed on the classic story of a princess who is captured by a dragon and no one dares rescue her. Designed by Pragmatic Play, the Fairytale Fortune slots machine is designed to create an experience that feels like you’re in a fantasy world.

This game is filled with romance, beautiful animation, and amazing sounds. It also has a gamble feature that gives you the chance to win up to five times the amount of your stake. Those who are hesitant to gamble can choose from two, three, or four x multipliers. The maximum bet is 75 credits per spin. And if you can’t resist the possibility of winning, don’t worry, because the Fairytale Fortune doesn’t have a poisonous mushroom.

The Fairytale Fortune video slot machine has an interesting feature that makes it a good choice for novices. It features a nifty gamble feature that appears after the bonus features have been played. The gamble feature comes with four different button positions that allow you to increase the value of your prize by 2x, threex, fourx, or fivex. The higher the multiplier, the more difficult the gambling game will be.