Lucky little devil

The Lucky Little Devil casino game is simple to play and has fixed paylines. You can win up to 98% of the jackpot if you get three of a kind and get a payout of 200x the total stake. The least valued combinations will pay just twenty coins, while the other nineteen will pay up to 200 times the total stake. There are no negative markers in this slot, which makes it an excellent choice for novice players.

The theme of this slot is the depths of hell. The reels are animated and the background is full of fire and lava. The red devil that plays the part of the Lucky Little Devil has a stylish reel casing and looks a bit sinister. It is recommended for players who enjoy playing a fun video slot. The bonus game, which involves the use of special features, has a great paytable that rewards players with big wins.

The bonus round of this slot game is a must for players who enjoy hard-core gameplay. It has a high paytable and an easy-to-follow interface. The only thing that can make the game even more enjoyable is the unique character of the game. During the bonus round, you can win Mega Coins that can be used to multiply your winnings. However, it’s important to know how much you can afford to lose when playing this slot game, since it’s difficult to get your balance back if you lose more than you bet.